The Delhi Walk Festival is an original idea by Delhi, I Love You

Delhi, I Love You is a socio-cultural movement in Delhi, with an aim to promote and connect people/ organizations who bring positive energy to the city and who have not necessarily worked together before, and celebrate the city at large. Delhi, I love you will curate events in Delhi spread across history, art & culture, environment and social issues.

Core team: Simran Gill, Kush Sethi, Julien Dafau, Alexis de Ducla, Thomas Ellis and Aastha Chauhan

Organised by SALT


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Curated by Abhinandita Mathur

Abhinandita Mathur is a researcher and photographer,  originally from old Delhi. Her work on Delhi has been supported through grants and projects with organisations like Sarai-CSDS, Open Space, Timeout Magazine and Khoj.


Curatorial Note – Delhi Walk Festival 2017

It is for good reason that Delhi has been a muse to so many poets, writers, artists, academicians and wanderers. For inhabitants and travellers alike, exploring Delhi is an enriching experience and especially rewarding when done through walking. This historic city, that continues to reinvent itself has an ever-growing wealth of experiences and stories to offer. There are many things we love about it and enough that we don’t. We go about our daily routines, often cribbing about the people, traffic and pot-holes, wishing things were better or we were elsewhere. But with a little leisure and effort, we'll learn to appreciate her more.

The Delhi Walk Festival brings forth this opportunity for fellow dilliwalahs and visitors, to explore the heritage, culture and quirks of the city. Using the expertise of historians, ecologists, anthropologists, musicians, gastronomes, informed hobbyists and seasoned flâneurs; the Delhi Walk Festival 2017 will offer a varied range of walks to explore the the city’s multiple avatars.

Walking (literally and notionally) allows ‘mobility’ by trespassing cultural, social and class boundaries. In the unique historical setting of Delhi, walking around is also an interesting play with the idea of time. For instance, the ‘journey’ between a monument built during the Delhi Sultanate and a newly constructed metro station (barely a few meters away and where its many citizens cross paths), makes walking in Delhi a fascinating experience.  

The walks are designed with the hope that they generate curiosity for the lesser known, appreciation for the unfamiliar, nostalgia for the outgoing and new possibilities for future Delhi. The Delhi Walk festival shall celebrate the vibrancy and multiplicity of this fast transforming city, while dwelling into its history, composite culture and myriad narratives.

The festival will broadly work with the following themes: History, Heritage, Food, Music, Cinema, Nostalgia, Architecture, Ecology, Literature, Communities  

Ideas and Inspiration for curation this year

  • First and foremost, we respectfully collaborate with professional walk leaders, who through with their dedication, expertise and enterprise have contributed to the walking tour culture of Delhi.
  • The festival acknowledges and celebrates the female flâneur. We understand it takes some passion and courage to negotiate Delhi as a woman. A set of walks will explore this idea of safety, anonymity and thrill of being a woman loafer.
  • Disability: Some walks will specially be designed for participants with disability + walks led by people with disability to sensitize and give us an experiential understanding of negotiating the city with disability.
  • Collaborative walks with experts and locals: The collaborative walks will be like a dialogue between experts (who bring in factual and historical knowledge) while the local experts will share experiential and anecdotal knowledge.
  • Niche and Experiential Walks (crime, literary, pets, smell)
  • My Delhi Walk competition to make the festival inclusive by supporting fresh ideas and first time walk leaders.