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Who can apply?

Individuals, duos, collectives - anyone with a good guided walk idea! You can apply with more than one idea.

How to apply?

Get the form from this link. Fill in your idea, suggested route, along with supporting material or references that will help us understand the context.

Important Dates:

Send in your applications latest by the 10th of August. The selected entries will be announced on the 15th of August.

Suggested ideas to explore:

We hope the walks are designed to generate curiosity for the lesser known, appreciation for the unfamiliar, nostalgia for the outgoing and new possibilities for future Delhi. The Delhi Walk festival shall celebrate the vibrancy and multiplicity of this fast transforming city, while dwelling into its history, composite culture and myriad narratives.

  • We understand it takes some passion and courage to negotiate Delhi as a woman. The festival this year will acknowledge and celebrate the female flâneur.  A set of walks will explore this idea of safety, anonymity and thrill of being a woman loafer.
  • We encourage applicants to explore the ideas and challenges around experiencing  the city with disability that sensitize and give us an experiential understanding of negotiating the city with disability.
  • Collaborative walks with experts and locals: The collaborative walks will be like a dialogue between experts (who bring in factual and historical knowledge) while the local experts will share experiential and anecdotal knowledge.
  • Niche and Experiential Walks (crime, literary, pets, smell)
  • Inter-generational perspective. Elderly are a treasure trove of stories, anecdotes and our history. Collaborate with your grandparent or a senior citizen from your neighbourhood to unravel and benefit from their lived experience.  

Please fill all the boxes for your form to be accepted. For any further questions, please write to us at

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