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Delhi's Central Ridge Forest With Pradip Krishen


Not physically a difficult walk, a little up and down but mostly along well-worn pathways except towards one end where you will be doing a little pushing your way through light thickets. Please dress appropriately (shorts NOT a good idea; walking shoes essential; sun-hats useful; walking sticks to keep away thorny twigs also a good idea). The walk is essentially about gaining some familiarity with the Ridge forest such as it is, and we will visit one incredible patch with desi kadamb trees 60 and 70 feet tall. (Shhh! No one knows about this little patch). It's incredible that we have this large tract of wilderness in the middle of a bustling metropolis and the Central Ridge needs to be celebrated and appreciated.

Pradip Krishen has been walking his dogs in Delhi's Central Ridge for close on 40 years now and knows a fairly large swathe intimately. He started out as a filmmaker, but from about 1996 onwards, he spent time teaching himself field botany while identifying, photographing and documenting Delhi's trees and came up with a widely acclaimed field guide: 'Trees of Delhi' in 2006. Today, the book is a bible for all nature lovers and tree spotters in the Capital. His second book 'Jungle Trees of Central India' was released last year, and has quickly become the last word and essential reference work about wild trees in an area as big as France. Pradip directs 're-wilding' operations in the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park in Jodhpur and in the Calico Museum Gardens, Ahmedabad.

Meeting Point: Delhi Earth Station-ISRO, Bistdari Road, Malcha, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

Note: Your ticket money for this walk is being donated to ‘Wildlife rescue’ organization in Old Delhi by Pradip Krishen.

Later Event: November 19
Nature Photo walk at Lodhi Garden