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Street Art and Street Art photography at Shahpur Jat


In the nooks and crannies of an urban village, artists from all over the world have transformed spaces with street art works of all sizes - from small stenciled pieces to 20-feet works to marvel at. In this guided tour I'll walk you through these and enchant you with tales.

Sherpa Pankaj, an Ex-journalist, heading an arts & entertainment start-up, and has an interesting take on almost everything under the sun. He will impress you with his knowledge of Shahpur Jat, and enthrall you with the stories of its evolution.

SeekSherpa is a platform where passionate, eclectic and knowledgeable locals conduct unique experiences in their cities - chefs, historians, musicians, photographers, freelancers, college students and such. Over 15,000 travellers, city locals & travelers alike, have experienced India with our Sherpas.

Tips:  Dress modestly.Avoid shorts and short skirts in the village.Mild sunscreen, flats/walking shoes, ideally carry a camera.Please carry a bottle of water

Extra costs: NIL

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