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Lodhi Art district, an Open Air Museum Walk


The Delhi Art District walk goes through Lodhi colony to discover the 22 walls that make this area the first Public Art District in India. Delhi 2016 Street art festival organized by St+art saw many street artists from India and around the world working to reinvigorate the iconic Lodhi Colony area of Delhi between December 2015 and March 2016. Take a walk through the beautified Lodhi colony with passionate architects Giulia Ambrogi and Pierre Guyot.

Giulia Ambrogi is an italian art curator living in Delhi since 4 years. She has been working in spreading the culture of Public and Urban art in Italy and India after spending three years at MAXXI Museumin Roma. Giulia is also the co-founder and curator of the St+art India Foundation.

Pierre Guyot is a french architect living in Delhi since 3 years. He has been working on various projects in Delhi, Chandigarh and Pondicherry with a strong focus on public spaces and urban development issues.

The St+art India foundation is a not-for-profit organization that works on art projects in public spaces. The aim of the foundation is to make art accessible to a wider audience by taking it out of the conventional gallery space and embedding it within the cities we live in - making art truly democratic and for everyone.

Meeting point: INTACH, Lodhi Road

Tips: Please carry a water bottle.

Extra costs: Nil

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