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Love and Longing in Indian Art: Romancing the National Museum


The walk through the National Museum will examine the iconography of love - the ecstatic thrill of moonlit rendezvous, witty poetic metaphors and ancient love lore from Persian folktales and Hindu mythology. Explore different paintings and sculpting traditions, the interplay between the text and the image as well as examine larger questions of religion, devotion and spirituality. You wouldn’t want to miss the walk that covers a time span of more than five thousand years of Indian cultural heritage.

Flow India is an education and culture consultancy, that brings international methods in cultural education to India for the first time. Flow India’s team of experts have led various walks with a focus on engaged cultural learning and creative enquiry methodology using heritage, museums and environment spaces and 21st Century skills.

Meeting Point: National Museum,Delhi

Tips: Please carry a bottle of water.

Extra Costs: Entry ticket of Rs.20 per person for Indian Nationals and Rs.650 per person for foreigners is to be paid by the walk participants on the day of the walk.

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