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Salaam City Walk


This walk through the inner streets of Paharganj and around the New Delhi Railway Station is conducted by kids who used to live on the streets before joining the trust. You can visit the Trust's contact point and one shelter home, each in a different environment and for different children.The route then follows narrow streets via the pottery market and some old havelis to the Salaam Baalak head office. Along the way your guide will also share his personal story and do his best to answer any questions about street life. Take the walk to experience the reality of the city from a different perspective. The Walk hopes to raise awareness about street children and helps to provide a deeper insight about street life from people who have experienced it themselves.

18 yearr old Ejaz will lead the Salaam Baalak Trust Walk. Born and brought up in Bihar, Ejaz ran away from home, to escape from his abusive father, and reached New Delhi. He used to work in lock shop in Delhi and was then introduced to Salaam Baalak Trust in 2012. He has been a part of the City Walk programme since 2013, and aims to improve his English Communication skills through these walks.

Salaam Baalak Trust is an Indian non-profit and non-governmental organization which provides a sensitive and caring environment to street and working children in Delhi, India. We help nurture their dreams and make them realize that their fate can be crafted by their own heart, their own hands and a firm resolve.

Meeting point: outside the Indian Rail Reservation Centre (opposite the Sri Lankan Buddhist Pilgrim's Rest House) in Paharganj on Chelmsford Rd. The meeting point is NOT at New Delhi Train Station but just a 5 minute-walk from then towards Connaught Place.  

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