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Spirits and Sultan: Ferozshah Kotla


Walk through the city of Feroze Shah Tughlaq, an eccentric and reformist sultan. Feroze Shah Kotla is more than just cricket, this last surviving relic of the Tughlaq  Dynasty has lots of mystery hidden in its walls with Djinns and spirits lurking all over which can only be experienced!


Gopal Rajamani breaks the stereotypical image of Government Officer having served the Indian state for more than thirty years. Gopal is an explorer and a photographer who likes interacting with people. His light hearted presence make walks a delightful experience.


KLoD B, Knowing Loving Delhi Better, is collective of people interested in exploring and discovering their habitat, city and its environs. KLoD.B walks involve meeting people, visiting known and lesser known places which include monuments, parks, forests, markets, festivals, museums and food and anything  else. KLoD. B is perhaps the oldest walking group in the city.

Meeting point: Entrance Gate of Feroze Shah Kotla: Delhi,

Tips: Please carry a bottle of water

Extra costs:  Car parking.

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