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Mehrauli Archaeological Park


A magnificent walk through the Mehrauli Archaeological Park with Sohail Hashmi.The Walk begins with a history of Mehrauli and the first of the seven Cities of Delhi and will cover a 13th century (Gandhak Ki ) and a 16th century (Rajon Ki) Baoli, Five mausoleums, including Adham Khan, Quli Khan and Sheikh Fazl ul Lah (Jamali) structures built or modified by Metcalf and three mosques, covering construction cutting across 6 centuries. Each monument has a story to tell, explore the history of Delhi!

Sohail Hashmi, has been conducting heritage walks for the last 12 years, is a writer, heritage enthusiast, documentary filmmaker and a true Dilliwala.

Historian, activist, academician and film-maker Sohail Hashmi was about fourteen when he discovered his love for the city's heritage as he ran away from school to visit the Tughlaqabad Fort for a day. He has since been exploring the city and has been conducting heritage walks for children and adults since 2000 and is a leading authority on Delhi’s history and is specifically known for his Delhi Heritage Walks for children and adults. The walks try to give a holistic view of the site or area being visited, foregrounding the connections between building techniques, materials used and the architectural outcome.

Meeting point: Main Gate of Qutub Minar Complex

Tips: Be properly clad, wear comfortable shoes, carry water but drink carefully, the only washroom available is at the beginning and end of the walk.

Extra costs: Nil

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