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Cat walk on the Ramparts


Lalkot , the oldest city of Delhi survives only in bits and parts but the ramparts survive more or less. The walk affords interesting views and gives opportunities to tell stories about the fort, maharajas and sultans. The walk through Sanjay van is also excellent opportunity for some bird and tree spotting . Walk includes games, treasure hunt and puzzles for children and adults.

Ayush is one of the founder of KLOD.B, is passionate about walking. He is trained as an environment education and outbound learning. He has experience in travel writing and in environmental justice issues.

KLoD B, Knowing Loving Delhi Better, is collective of people interested in exploring and discovering their habitat, city and its environs. KLoD.B walks involve meeting people, visiting known and lesser known places which include monuments, parks, forests, markets, festivals, museums and food and anything  else. KLoD. B is perhaps the oldest walking group in the city.

Meeting point : One Qutub, 1501, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli

Tips:  Walking shoes and carry a bottle of water

Extra Costs: NIL


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