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A walk down the lane of consciousness


It is a walk through the famous and so called haunted Jamali kamali Mosque and Tomb in Mehrauli. Walk with enthusiastic people with IPC who want to know if the place is really haunted or it is just a myth. As a paranormal investigator we don't use the term ghost rather we use the term entity/energy or outer body intelligence. The basis of this paranormal science is consciousness. You may be lucky (or not so lucky) to communicate with the world we know about but no longer see.  Be responsible for your own state of mind. The walk also involves story telling, facts about these beautiful monuments.

The walk will be led by lead paranormal investigators Tathagata Marik and Anshul Sharma.

Indian Paranormal Centre for Studies is an institute for scientific research of paranormal phenomenon based on scientific theories with the aid of scientific equipments.

Meeting point: Cherie, 1501, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi 

Tips:  The phones need to be on airplane mode or switched off throughout the walk. If you want to experience the paranormal world it is important to stay quiet and have your senses on alert. Be open minded to accept the paranormal world, if you experience something.  

Disclaimer: Not for the faint hearted. The festival and walk organisers are not responsible for any loss of property or life.

Extra Costs: Nil

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