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Green Park was once Yusuf Sarai


The intertwined neighbourhoods of Green Park and Yusuf Sarai together form what could easily be called the ‘Chandni chowk’ of South Delhi. Buzzing with markets, cafes and religious institutions, replete with layers of history and culture; a melting pot of communities, cultures and subcultures. The cosmopolitan nature of the conjoined twins is in no small part a result of the crisscrossing of the identities and ideas brought about by the diversity of its occupants, both permanent and in transition

The walk takes you through these neighbourhoods, uncovering the layers of their combined histories by focusing on the places of worship of the diverse communities that have come to live here - in the process discovering the syncretic nature of their urbanity identity through local stories, architecture and food.

Saurabh Jain is an architect and principal at Co.Lab design, a young architecture studio based in green park. He has a keen interest in heritage, both historical and cultural and routinely conducts walks amongst Delhi’s historical monuments. He is interested in the nature of experiences in Indian cities and informal urban commerce.

Meeting Point: Infront of Gurudwara Sikh Sangat: Delhi

Tips:Please wear comfortable walking shoes, preferably the slip-on type and carry a bottle of water.

Extra costs:  Optional coconut water at the end of the walk.

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