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Seed Collection Walk (Sanjay Van)


Our primary role in ecological cycle is to spread seeds. Native trees play a vital role in the ecosystem. They support numerous other species and hence it’s important to save them from extinction. Additionally they need less water than exotic species hence making them crucial for saving water too.

This walk will be an effort to bring a change and help our ecosystem. We will collect seeds of native trees for the purpose of growing them for plantation across the city. In addition to this, we will illustrate the relationship these trees share with the forest around them and their role in preserving their vitality.

Ishtiyak Ahmad is the Education Officer at Conservation Education Centre which was established jointly by the Government of NCT of Delhi and the BNHS at the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. At present he is involved in development of medicinal and butterfly gardens and conducting biodiversity surveys .He organises nature walks and events for schools, colleges, families and corporates.

Meeting point: At Entry Gate of Sanjay Van, Near TB Hospital (Lado Sarai) on Aurobindo Marg

Tips: A dress code for the event is to wear dull colored clothes, adorn a sun cap if required, wear proper field shoes, a water bottle and a notepad to go down important things you learn on the walk.

Extra costs: Nil

Disclaimer: The festival and walk organisers  are not responsible for any loss of property or life. A declaration form will be sign by all the participants before commencement.

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